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3 Card Jump Start Keno

keno  •  NV  OK 

This is a 3 card 80 spot keno game with 3 independent draws. The player selects 3 to 10 numbered spots on card 1, which are duplicated on cards 2 and 3. Cards 2 and 3 can receive hits from card 1.

Initial Draw:

The number of player marked spots will be the number of initial draws on card 1. Any hits in this initial draw are also marked as hits on cards 2 and 3.

Remaining Draw on Card 1:

The remaining draws (out of 20) are revealed on the first card. The total number of hits on this card are indicated on the paytable (labeled as 1).

Cards 2 and 3

These cards retain the hits from the initial draw. The remaining draws (20 minus number of initial hits) are revealed on each card. Total hits per card are shown on the corresponding payline (labeled as 2 or 3). Winnings from the three cards are added together and awarded to the player.

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