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Wildlands Keno

keno  •  MT 

Wildlands Keno is a standard 80 spot keno game with a 20 spot draw, and 15 bonus spots that are randomly placed on the Grid.

The player may select from 3 to 10 numbers. Hitting a certain amount of bonus spots per animal will trigger multipliers or free games. Hitting enough bonus spots for a multiplier will increase wins by the amount shown on the legend. If more than 1 multiplier is achieved in one draw then those multipliers are multiplied together for the final multiplier. Example: 3/4 Lion and 3/5 Giraffe are hit awarding a 3x and 2x multipliers, or 3 x 2 =6x multiplier for that game. Multipliers from each bonus animal can combine for a maximum of 60X during normal play and free games.

Wildlands Keno Bonus

When the bonus is triggered for any animal, a selection screen will be shown allowing the player a chance to make a selection and be shown how many free games they will be awarded. The number of options to choose from is determined by the number of tiles that were hit in the base game for that animal. For example: the player hits 4 out of 4 Lion tiles so they will be able to choose, at random, 1 option out of 4 displayed options and this will determine the amount of free games the player will start off with in the bonus. Please view Base Game Award legend for more details. Triggering multiple bonuses will give the player a separate selection for each animal before free games begin. During free games, additional free games and award multipliers can be triggered from hitting bonus spots as listed in the Bonus Game Award legend below.

The bonus game includes the 20 draws of a standard keno with an additional 6 extra draws for a total of 26 draws.

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