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Movie Theater Keno

keno  •  MT  WV 

Movie Theater Keno is a standard 80-spot keno with a 20-number draw.

Movie Theater Keno Instant Money

The Instant Money feature is triggered by hitting 4 Kernel bonus spots. This feature awards the player a money value for each collected kernel.

Movie Theater Keno Popcorn Bonus

The Popcorn Bonus feature is triggered by hitting 5 Kernel bonus spots. Popcorn Instant Money transfers to the feature, while the 5th spot triggers the feature.

The Popcorn Bonus consists of multiple batches where the popcorn machine dumps a batch of popcorn and occasionally throws a kernel. The player collects these kernels and is awarded money for them at the end of the feature.

The player starts with 3 batches. When a kernal is collected the batches remaining will be reset to 3. Players start with 4 collected kernels from the triggering game. A total of 15 kernels including the original 4 may be collected. Collecting all 15 kernels in a single bonus will award an extra prize of up to 400 times the bet.

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