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KenoSaurus Rex

keno  •  MT 

KenoSaurus Rex is a standard 80-spot keno with a 20-number draw. The player may pick between 3-10 numbered spots on the card.

Four special Dino Coins are randomly placed on non-player marked spots. Hitting 3 Dino Coins will give the player three times their bet. Hitting 4 Dino Coins will take the player to the "Extinction Bonus".

Extinction Bonus

When the player hits all four Dino Coins, they will trigger the "Extinction Bonus". The player will have 3 chances, with no retriggers, to collect as much Instant Money as they can. 15 bonus spots will be randomly placed on the board. After the spots are placed, and their instant money values are shown on the screen, 20 meteors may hit the board. Any Instant Money Dino coins that are hit, will be racked up, and the total shown in the Meteor Money section. The total from each round will be shown under the round label, with the Extinction Bonus total shown in the Bonus Total.

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