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Ancient Thunder Keno

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Ancient Thunder is a standard Keno game utilizing an 80 spot card. The base game features a wheel bonus, free games, a 2X multiplier, and extra hits possible. Free games feature a wheel bonus, additional free games retrigger, a cumulative increasing multiplier, and extra hits.

Bonus Groups

For all base and free games, there are four bonus groups. Each group makes up an image of an ancient Greek deity using a different number of tiles (2 to 5). The Bonus groups are broken up and randomly place on the Keno grid at the beginning of every draw. There is also one Bonus Multiplier spot. As the bonus group spots are hit they build the image to the side of the tiles. When the image is completed, the bonus that the image represents is triggered.

Bonus groups and their corresponding Bonus Event:

  • Athena (2 tiles) = Extra Draw accumulator
  • Helios with chariot (3 tiles) = triggers accumulated extra draws.
  • Poseidon (4 tiles) = Free Games with cumulative multiplier.
  • Zeus - Instant Money (5 tiles) = Wheel Bonus with 2 tries.
  • Hitting the gold coin multiplies that win by 2X. For the free games and triggering game only: multipliers are cumulative and additive. The first coin makes all remaining games 2X. The second coin hit makes all remaining games 3X etc. up to a max of 8X.

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