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Keno Squared

keno  •  MT  NV  SD 

Keno Squared is a standard 80 spot keno game with a 20 number draw. The player picks 4 to 10 numbered spots on the card. Bonus multipliers are awarded whenever specific draws hit player marked spots.

Game Feature

Keno Squared awards Paytable Multipliers (2x, 4x, 9x and 16X respectively) by hitting any combination of the 4 designated draw locations with a win. They are: the 1st, middle two (10th and 11th), and last (20th) draws during the Draw cycle.

Paytable Multipliers are awarded by hitting any combination of the 4 draw locations with a WIN.

  • 1 square = 2X
  • 2 squares = 4X
  • 3 squares = 9X
  • 4 squares = 16X

The 4 square graphics on the left of the screen help the player keep track of the bonus numbers and hits during the draw. When any of the multiplier draw locations are hit with a win, the associated graphic(s) will animate to show the player they have a multiplied paytable.

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