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Power Grid Poker

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Power Grid Poker is a 5 card draw poker played with a 52 card deck. A Flush triggers a bonus round that awards free games and multipliers.

Game Feature

The object of the Power Grid Bonus is to reach the right of the grid without selecting a SHORT CIRCUIT symbol. Or collect as many games / multipliers as possible before hitting a SHORT CIRCUIT.

Randomly placed beneath each switch is one of 4 symbols: SHORT CIRCUIT, HIGH VOLTAGE, FREE GAME, and one of 4 MULTIPLIERS.

The "HIGH VOLTAGE" symbol will advance the Player one column to the right on the power grid or award the maximum free games with the highest multiplier if you reach the end without any SHORT CIRCUITS.

The "SHORT CIRCUIT" symbol will end the bonus round. The prizes selected, before a SHORT CIRCUIT is revealed, added to the starting values and are awarded to the Player.

Regardless of what was collected previously, if you choose HIGH VOLTAGE in the final stage, you will be awarded 20 free games with a 7X multiplier. The Bonus can be retriggered while in the Bonus Round.

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