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Won Dat

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Won Dat Poker is an "Aces or Better" 5 card draw poker game played with a 52 card deck. Two bonus pools are randomly increased and awarded.

Bonus Pool defaults: The small pool starts with 4 times the bet amount and the large pool starts with 66 times the bet amount, based on the bet level. When a pool is awarded for a specific bet level, it is reseeded with the default amount.

Bonus Pool Contribution and activation: 0 to 10 vaults are randomly placed on the legend at the bottom of the paytable during every hand. 5 vault statuses are revealed with the deal and 5 are revealed with the draw. All pool increases are by the bet amount. 8 vaults increases both pools, 9 vaults increases both pools and activates the small pool. 10 vaults increases the large pool and activates the large pool.

8 Vaults: 1x to both.

9 Vaults: 1x to both, Small Pool is activated.

10 Vaults: 1x to Large Pool, Large Pool is activated.

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