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Enchanted Keno

keno  •  MT  SD  WV 

Enchanted Keno is a standard 80 spot keno game with a 20 number draw.

In the base game, Crystal Balls are placed randomly on non-player-marked spots and act as multipliers.

Free Game Feature

During the base game, Doves are randomly placed on non-player-marked spots and will trigger the Free Games Bonus when a certain amount are hit. A win is NOT required to enter the Free Games Bonus.

Magic Multiplier in the Enchanted Free Game Bonus

During each free game, other than the last free game, one of the Stars will be designated the Magic Multiplier. If the Magic Multiplier Star is activated (by being hit during the free game), additional stars will be placed on the Grid and will act as additional multipliers on the next game. If the Magic Multiplier Star is NOT activated, the next free game will use five multiplier spots.

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